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Saptak Sengupta


Making your own Chrome Extension

Submitted Jun 14, 2017

As we know google chrome is one of the most widely used browser. However a browser has very limited functionalities but with the help of a chrome extension it can be widely extended. There are plenty of chrome extensions that allow video recording to screen capture to ad block and so more. So maybe sometimes you feek wish I could get these work done by some chrome extension. So this talk will help you learn the basics of chrome extension development and it’s various aspects.


  1. The various parts of a chrome extension.
  2. Writing a manifest file for chrome extension.
  3. Different types of chrome extension - background, popup or content injection
  4. Using DOM to do different stuff with chrome extensions.
  5. Adding other features of chrome browser to do interesting things like using Web Speech APi


Basic knowledge of Javascript and programming.

Speaker bio

An open source enthusiast and freelance chrome extension developer. 2 times GSoCer and upstream contributor in some open source projects. Python and javascript are the languages of love.




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