JSFoo 2017

JSFoo is a conference about JavaScript and everything related.

Vinci Rufus


Demand Driven Applications with GraphQL

Submitted Jun 14, 2017

Introduce the concept of Demand Driven Architecture and how tools like GraphQL are solving most of the problems we face with REST APIs. ALso discuss how adding GraphQL to your tech stack can improve productivity across all levels.


Working with REST is getting difficult, having to depend on backend teams to give us the API responses in the way frontend teams want is getting painful. Tools like GraphQL change the way things work by allowing applications to raise the demand of what data they want and how they want.
The talk will briefly touch upon
- The challenges of working with REST.
- The core principles of Demand Driven Application.
- How GraphQL solves the challenges faced by REST.
- Talk about the journey of building frontend applications that interact with GraphQL.
- Talk about the challenges and points to keep in mind when working with GraphQL.

Speaker bio

Vinci Rufus is a Sr. Director of Technology with SapientRazorfish and a Google Developer Expert. He consults various teams on their frontend architecture stack.
He has had the honour and pleasure of speaking at JSFoo and Meta Refresh


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