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manjula dube


Importance of testing & Right way to test React components

Submitted Jun 14, 2017

This talk will focus on how & why testing is important in software development. As a developer why you should be writing test cases for the features that you implement. How does it help scale your software ? Also there are different frameworks for testing. How jest can help you Test React components. What is snapshot testing? How snapshot testing helps applications built in react.

Also There’s a lot of confusion right now about the “right” way to test your React components. Should you write all your tests by hand for all your components, or only use snapshots, or use both? Should you test props? State? Styles/Layout?

What are future scope for Jest? This talk will also cover how we have planned and are planning testing in BookMyShow. Last but not the least there will be a code demo.


Existing problems. Why testing is important ? How it can help your software.
Why developers should be writing testcases?
Testing React components - Right way to test, What to test in React applications?
Why jest?
What is snapshot testing?
Cool features in Jest
Future scope of Jest
This talk will give you in depth knowledge about how to test your application built in react.


Intended audience:

Folks who have built applications with react.js or have worked with any testing frameworks like mocha or chai.

Speaker bio

I am 24 years old currently working at BookMyShow as Senior Developer and have been obsessed with coding since I graduated out of college.I am public speaker. I love to work with JavaScript and front end technologies like Angular, Backbone, jQuery, React and exploring new frameworks and stacks all the time. I have built my own network of friends in the Mumbai developer community wherever I have attended conferences. I am also an organizer of Mumbai Women Coders Community supported by Microsoft India.




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