JSFoo 2017

JSFoo is a conference about JavaScript and everything related.

Souvik Basu


How to make Web Component work in production?

Submitted Feb 8, 2017

Although it has been more than 3 years that Web Components are part of browser standards, still many browsers do not have full fledged support for it. Web Components will be a success only when there is inherent support for it in all major browsers and not through polyfills. We will deep dive into the problems faced while trying to run Web Components in production and more importantly how to harness its super power in the wild.


We will start with a short intro of Web Components and its history to give context to the audience who are new to it. Then we will explore the pain points of using Web Components in enterprise level applications with statistics and figures. We will explore each area like cross browser support, time delay in Web Component initialization, Shadow DOM performance, memory footprint and many more and see steps of how to resolve each of these.

Speaker bio

Souvik has over 13 years of experience in IT and has worked with companies like ThoughtWorks and Symantec Corporation in past. He adopted Web Components since late 2014 and has worked extensively on it. He has given many presentation on Web Components in various dev conferences. Currently Souvik works as a Full Stack JavaScript freelancer and is also burning midnight lamp on a FinTech startup.



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