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Shreyansh Pandey


Deep Dive with ES6 and 7

Submitted Feb 7, 2017

In this talk, I will cover the new aspects of ECMAScript 6 and 7. Now, this is commonplace knowledge, however the proper semantic and usage is not clear to many people. Throughout the talk, I will give examples of where to use what and how it’s better than the preceeding versions in JavaScript. We’ll cover some Node as well, and finally, a simple build system.


Introduction to the Speaker
The Bad Parts of JavaScript
- Hoisting
- Session Variables
- Security Clutter
- Prototypal Inheritance
The Good Parts
- Functional Paradigm
- Interoperability
New Features in ES6/7
Comparing ES5 to 6/7
- Modular Design
Real World Example
- Converting a ES5 project to ES6/7
- Comparing the verbosity and brevity
In Conclusion


An open mind with some knowledge of JS and a laptop.

Speaker bio

A 18-year old developer, technology enthusiast and DevOps lover. For the past 5 years, I have tinkered around with systems, written backends in languages ranging from PHP to Node. Personally, I love taking up challenges and love teaching as well. DevOps and backend development are two of my most favorite fields, but the problem is the fact these amazing tools and standards have a very steep learning curve and, thus, new comers are often terrified, to say the least; therefore, teaching something as advanced as possible with as little technicality (in language, that is) has been my long time love. Although young, I promise that the talk will be nothing short of crisp; filled with humour and the zeal to learn more.

Currently, I make (and break) things at Gamezop as their Backend and Infrastructure Lead.


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