JSFoo 2017

JSFoo is a conference about JavaScript and everything related.

Vinci Rufus


Great Developer Experience with Angular

Submitted Jul 14, 2017

Once you’ve got past your apprehension of TypeScript, working with Angular can be a real joy. I’d say the Angular eco-system offers the best developer experience (DX) than any other framework or toolset out there.


The talk will walk you through the right set of tools to use to start working with Angular and how they offer a great DX
* TS is the foundation on which all the great DX is built on.
* The Angular CLI is the best Personal Assistant you ever had.
* How VS Code and its toolsets helps you avoid coding errors.
* Awesome 3rd party tools.
* And Finally a Great welcoming community

Speaker bio

Vinci Rufus is a Sr. Director of Technology with SapientRazorfish and a Google Developer Expert. He consults various teams on their frontend architecture stack.
He has had the honour and pleasure of speaking at JSFoo and Meta Refresh


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