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Building Enterprise Apps with React, GraphQL and Jest

Submitted Jul 20, 2017

The talk covers how React, GraphQL and Jest can play a vital role in scalability, code management for enterprise apps.


Before Facebook open sourced React, GraphQL and Jest, these technologies were already used in production on Facebook’s infrastructure. It is clear that the design decisions and architecture for React, GraphQL and Jest were built to keep scalability and performance in mind.

Why would one choose to build a B2B app with React, GraphQL and Jest? For organizations following agile development practice, the sheer number of regularly changing requirements from the clients make it very difficult to establish stability in their product. The talk uncovers how React, GraphQL and Jest solves this problem and more.

An enterprise-level application consists of many simple and complex subsystems. React’s component based architecture encourages reusability and consistency. GraphQL allows for writing highly interactive, data-specific queries for the server which inverts the control over to the client, as a result of which, much lesser modifications are required in server side code when requirements change in UI. Lastly, Jest provides a common ground for both client-side and server-side codebase testing which is very cost-effective for an organization.

The talk will uncover app development with React, GraphQL and Jest to unearth and showcase the complete development cycle to help build scalable enterprise apps.

Speaker bio

I am Krishna, Tech Lead at Innovaccer, a data analytics organization from India. Visit my GitHub repository at https://github.com/krishnaxv (for reference only).


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