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Enterprise App Migration from Angular 1.x to React

Submitted Jul 21, 2017

The talk covers the challenges and steps to migrate existing data-driven enterprise apps from Angular 1.x to React.


As data constantly increases, data-driven enterprise apps require top notch performance. Due to constant UI updates, DOM gets heavy and frequent updates are too costly for the end user. Every data-driven enterprise app operating in big data analytics market go through this phase and are struggling to find a solution and move away from their existing legacy solution to a more robust and scalable approach. So, the question is, “Can React play a vital role to mitigate these problems?”.

We, at Innovaccer, are building one of the best healthcare product in big data analytics market. We deal with frequent data updates, huge amount of tabular and longitudinal data which needs to be efficiently rendered on the UI. To solve these problems, we need a minimalistic and scalable approach which can efficiently perform such operations. We firmly believe that React can play a vital role to solve this use case.

This talk will cover the complete migration process from Angular 1.x to React, challenges and solutions which will benefit the enterprise community. It will be an in-depth talk demonstrating the complete migration process from Angular 1.x to React.

Speaker bio

I am Krishna, Tech Lead at Innovaccer, a data analytics organization from India. Visit my GitHub repository at https://github.com/krishnaxv (for reference only).


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