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Case study : Web Components + Polymer FTW!

Submitted May 15, 2014

What do I get from attending this talk?

Hmm...This is not a tutorial on web components, rather a study on real use cases which will enable you pick the ingredient for the right dish!

[ "What and Why web components?",
  "Use cases with comprative analysis.",
  "How to get started with Polymer and X-Tags?"].fill("FTW!");


Audiances will walk away with:

  • Enlightment on Templates, Decorators, Custom Elements, Shadow DOM and Imports.
  • Self contained on when to choose what?
  • Some uber cool deoms and use cases indeed!


Zeal to embrace the change!

Speaker bio

A computer ployglot CLI, web and unix philosophy <3’r.

Works at CISCO as a HTML5 developer.

Blogs about programming and has archived his old blog.

Contributes to FOSS via Github.

Curators Node Module Of The Week nmotw.

Trying to write some philosophy and collect some quotes.


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