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Harmony with ES{6,7,8..}

Submitted May 15, 2014

How ES{6,7,8..} will change the way you code JS, both on client and server side?!

P.S: Trying again this year!


JavaScript.next('ES6') is here!

Time has arrived to use the reserved keywords like class and module, along with iterators, for/of loops, Python-style generators and generator expressions, arrow functions, binary data, collections (maps, sets and weak maps), proxies (metaprogramming for virtual objects and wrappers) and much more!

Given that ES6 is very vast, in this talk I shall be giving an overview of all the above mentioned major features with demo on how we can use them today!

Speaker bio

A computer ployglot CLI, web and unix philosophy <3’r.

Works at CISCO as a HTML5 developer.

Blogs about programming and has archived his old blog.

Contributes to FOSS via Github.

Curators Node Module Of The Week nmotw.

Trying to write some philosophy and collect some quotes.




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