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Testing the JavaScript you write




Without unit testing, the integration of the different components in the system becomes complicated. This complexity results from the tracing of the defects of not only the integration between the components but also each “buggy” component. This complicates the life of the developers by making them spend nights in the office in order to meet the schedule.

This talk aims at
1) establishing the importance of writing JavaScript tests

2) The various tools and techniques available to write better test codes


This Talk will cover the following:
1. JavaScript testing frameworks deep dive - 20 mins
1.1 QUnit
1.2 Jasmine
1.3 Mocha
2. Mocking fundamentals - 12 ~ 15 mins
2.1 Mocking in JavaScript
2.2 Jasmine spies
2.3 Sinon
3. Testing utilities and cool tools, bird’s eye view - rest

Speaker bio

Anirban is a generalist programmer dabbling in java, scala, python, clojure Relational and NoSQL Databases, web services and distributed systems.
He got bitten by JavaScript almost a year back while working on RIA product. Ever since then experimenting on different JavaScript libraries/frameworks. Employed by IBM India Software Labs and work with the IBM DOJO toolkit team at times.