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Building components with Polymer


Varunkumar Nagarajan


The objective of this session is to learn how to model the web as a collection of re-usable components. As the web applications become complex, components will help in organizing the complexity of web development to a greater extent.

I will talk about what Polymer is and explain how to build web components using Polymer. I will be demoing a social feed engine which I am working on using Polymer.



There is a fundamental problem with HTML and JavaScript that makes it hard to build reusable components / widgets - The DOM contents of the component is not encapsulated from the rest of the page. This could possibly lead to collision of IDs; unexpected JavaScript behavior because of some existing code; broken styles; and so on. Today we overcome most of these problems by following certain conventions and assumptions. “Web Components” is a set of cutting-edge standards to solve these problems.


Polymer is a library built to pioneer the developments on web components. It consists of two parts:
1. A set of polyfills for the emerging web platform features.
2. A set of re-usable components (Polymer elements) built on top of these web standards.

I will be demonstrating a social feed engine which I have built using polymer. I will try to cover different aspects of Polymer using this feed engine.

Speaker bio

A Software Engineer by profession and a blogger by passion. Technology Enthusiast. JavaScript Developer.

I love building re-usable components and have built few re-usable datagrid related components at work. I have been following the developments on web platform very keenly.

Slides from my previous talks can be found here – http://slides.varunkumar.me