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Sagar Ganatra


Modularize your client side applications using Backbone and Require

Submitted Jul 28, 2013

The objective of this session is to introduce the audience to building modularized applications using BackboneJS and RequireJS. These modules are independent, self-contained components and can be reused and tested in isolation.


BackboneJS is one of the popular JavaScript MVC frameworks used in building client side applications. It provides components like View, Collection, Model and a Router. However, it doesn’t dictate the way you should structure your code so that it doesn’t end up like spaghetti code. Enter RequireJS. RequireJS allows you to define dependencies between various components and you can leverage it in your application to build modules. These modules are self-contained units and they represent an entity on the page. However, we need a mechanism through which these components interact with other components on a page. We need an application core. An application core provides a channel through which these components interact. The application core also loads these modules on demand and destroy them when required.


An understanding of MVC pattern and experience in building applications using BackboneJS will be helpful.

Speaker bio

Sagar Ganatra is a front end developer\architect. He has worked extensively on building front end applications using Backbone and Require. He also writes about them at http://www.sagarganatra.com


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