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Nilesh Trivedi


Interactive Physics Simulation In The Browser - What I Learned

Submitted Jul 29, 2013

Learn about the best practices and latest research for physics simulation in the browser as well as some practical tips for games and science apps


I have been working on interactive 2-d physics simulation in the browser by writing a pure-Javascript physics engine from scratch and have made good progress on it. Here is a sneak peek: http://t.co/lnpWf7gpbF

In this talk, I want to share my learnings on topics like numerical integration methods, rigid body dynamics, constrained dynamics and collision detection/response. I will also talk about the tradeoffs involved like accuracy vs. performance.

This should be interesting to people developing games or other simulation apps for the web. This will be a crisp talk so it will be very quick-paced and dense. I will provide a link to some demos in the coming weeks.


Elementary knowledge of mathematics and physics but more importantly, a lack of fear for these. :)

Speaker bio

I am Nilesh Trivedi. I have been programming for last 15 years with various languages. Ruby and Javascript are my current favorites.

Currently based in Udaipur, I am now working on my personal projects.




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