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Mitesh Ashar


SEJO Coconut Apps

Submitted Jan 2, 2012

  • To demystify the term SEJO (It’s simple :D, it’s actually simple: Simple-English JSON Object).
  • To discuss with audience, the Coconut App approach (the art of making visibly complex implementation, actually extremely simple from inside).


What did you just say?

Neither is SEJO one of those widely worked-upon JS libraries available, nor are Coconut Apps any sort of a new league of apps.

These are just terms coined by me to communicate my development approach effectively in the least number of words. :)

Over the last few client-side implementations that I have done, I have formed a self-developed approach to organise all properties and functions into one single JSON object variable, in a manner where the complete client-side implementation forms one Simple-English JSON Object(SEJO), to create a powerful, easy to understand Coconut-style(Complex functionality, Easy implementation) JS codebase. Due to its easy Simple English nature, the algorithm, as complex it may be, forms very modular & easily consumable, understandable, extensible & configurable code.

OK. So what happens in the session?

This Discussion will focus on:

  • 02 minutes - Warmup.
  • 12 minutes - Sharing my approach: I will write a SEJO application for documenting this discussion. I will demonstrate the codebase of this SEJO application to share my SEJO approach.
  • 10 minutes - Listening for similar slightly-variant approaches others may be already following or may have thought of over the session.
  • 08 minutes - Where does the audience see this as useful? What difference can the adoption of this approach make?
  • 05 minutes - Let the crowd drive this! :D
  • 03 minutes - Buffer time.


What do you need?

  • Some me-has-fun-writing-code attitude.
  • A basic understanding of JSON.
  • Knowledge of jQuery could result in being a little beneficial, in understanding some chunks of the code. But, given the nature of jQuery being similar to that of SEJO(It’s like Simple English), you do not necessarily have to know jQuery to grab the discussion and the power going SEJO.
  • Having an internet-enabled laptop will also ensure that you can use the SEJO app made for the session.

Speaker bio

A web nomad, I am passionately in love with rich web applications and their high-level architecture.

With varied experience in the creation of various web applications, I have exposed myself to JavaScript & jQuery/jQueryUI. In the process of doing so, I have gained an intermediate level of expertise in writing JavaScript and unstoppably exploring those numerous aspects of it, which I am still to explore.

I have also had the opportunity of working on an unfinished-but-huge JS-based UI framework for generating on-the-fly data structures for a particular product JS-based product. This experience is the seed experience that has played a huge role in the formation of my SEJO approach of writing simplistic client-side apps.


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