JSFoo 2012 Pune

Pune gets its own JSFoo

Functional programming techniques with JavaScript

Rajasekharan Vengalil

43 minutes27 March 2012


Shreyank Gupta

32 minutes27 March 2012

JavaScript native bindings to node.js

Nikhil Marathe

39 minutes11 February 2012

Error reporting techniques in JS (and introducing Errorception)

Rakesh Pai

35 minutes 8 February 2012

Building real-time web applications ... (Introduction to Websockets / Socket.IO)


39 minutes31 October 2011

Introduction to Game Development in HTML5

Rakesh Raju

49 minutes13 November 2011

Node.js Patterns and How we build ActiveNode

Sreekanth Vadagiri

38 minutes 8 February 2012

Javascript at


35 minutes27 March 2012

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