JSFoo 2012 Pune

Pune gets its own JSFoo

Nikhil Marathe


JavaScript native bindings to node.js

Submitted Nov 23, 2011

Participants should have enough knowledge of V8 embedding to be able to write JavaScript bindings to their native libraries.


node.js is quickly becoming a great server-side platform. Similarly JavaScript is being used as a ‘scripting language’ in programs like CouchDB. Many services require access to native APIs (streaming protocols, extracting file meta-data, graphics). This requires a binding to be written from C/C++ to JS using facilities provided by the JavaScript engine so that JavaScript can access these APIs.

This talk will introduce writing bindings to C/C++ libraries using the V8 engine. Common idioms will be explained.


Participants should know both JavaScript and C++ with basic knowledge of UNIX/Linux

Speaker bio

Nikhil Marathe has been experimenting with node.js since the year it came out. In his experiments he has written bindings to libface - a face detection library - demoed at Mugshot. His bindings to TagLib are being used by AudioBox2 to extract meta-data from uploaded audio files.

He has previously talked about bindings in QtScript (from Qt to JavaScript) at conf.kde.in 2011. Nikhil was a Google Summer of Code Student in 2010, and worked as an intern at Mozilla Corp in 2011 (working on the SpiderMonkey engine).

He is a final year student at DA-IICT, where he usually plays a lot of sports, goes on walking binges, and finds time to inject some fun into people’s lives.





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