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Prasoon Kumar


Node.js, HTML5 and Phoegap for high performant content site app

Submitted Jan 3, 2012

How we got rid of multiple code bases for native app on different smart phones - Android, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows? Now we wrote the client using Phonegap’s API in Javascript and server side API’s in Javascript itself. How to design responsive UI for different


A lot of phone capabilities like GPS, orientation etc are available as Javascript API through Phonegap. Just doing a top on Linux system running node.js would make you realize why apache is passe. Other benefits like code reuse is useful.


Javascript client side understanding is a must. Server-side will be covered in much detail right from beginner level.

Speaker bio

Prasoon Kumar is a web and mobile technologist, who has experience with startups and big companies in a career spanning 6 years in USA, 4 years in Delhi-NCR and 3 years in Pune-Mumbai. He is senior technical architect with Just Dial working on websites with daily traffic of 500K and handling database of 6.2M businesses.




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