JSFoo 2012 Pune

Pune gets its own JSFoo

After Bangalore, JSFoo is coming to Pune! JSFoo is a one day conference about developing next-generation applications in JavaScript. Join us for a full day of intense sessions on a variety of topics ranging from core JavaScript concepts to building complete web-applications in JavaScript.

This is your chance to mingle with and learn from JavaScript experts from all over the country!

Sessions are for 45 minutes each: 30 minutes speaking, 10 minutes of Q&A and 5 minutes for people to move between rooms. Tickets are free for confirmed speakers. If you’ve proposed to speak, please wait to hear from us before you buying your ticket. If your proposal is not selected, you will still get Early Geek pricing.

(This event was previously scheduled for December 10 but has been moved to January since the organizing team was busy with Droidcon.)

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JSFoo is a forum for discussing UI engineering; fullstack development; web applications engineering, performance, security and design; accessibility; and latest developments in #JavaScript. Follow JSFoo on Twitter more

Sunil Pai


Amplify your stack

Submitted Jan 3, 2012

Accelerate front-end development! Reduce the design-develop-deploy period painlessly.


Stuff I plan on covering -

  • Seamlessly use fixtures to mock data; you’ll never have to wait for the “backend guys” to finish for your work to continue.
  • Dead simple templating + using pushstate/popstate; best practices, benefits, and some cool tricks.
  • Static package management - use dev, staging and production semantics to have your code be ready to be deployed with minimal effort.
  • DON’T PANIC - Write unit tests and save your ass.
  • Tools, frameworks, and books that can help.


Javascript and MVC basics.

Speaker bio

Sunil is very inappropriate, likes gantt charts, and plays his les paul when he’s not fighting internet explorer. Contact him on twitter @threepointone.




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Anil Tarte

How to apply BDD and TDD practices, using Jasmine library?

Learning technics, to apply BDD and TDD where business logic is coded in Javascript, introduction to the Jasmine library. more

09 Jan 2012