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Anirudh Sanjeev


Zero to App with jQuery Mobile

Submitted Sep 16, 2011

A tutorial that covers all the steps of building a simple jQuery mobile application.


View the slides, the app and background for the talk here:

jQuery Mobile is an open source framework - designed to allow developers build good looking and usable mobile applications quickly for a wide range of target devices.

The application we’ll be building will be a Phone Book application - which will demonstrate the following, among others.

  1. The concepts of “pages” in jQuery mobile.
  2. How to leverage pushState and jQuery Mobile’s loadPage to keep the app interactive, yet make it bookmarkable.
  3. The concept of “roles”.
  4. Touch friendly forms.
  5. Dynamically changing UI on jQuery Mobile applications.

I will not be coding live, instead, each step will be a different commit in a git repository. I will be explaining the changes and demo-ing the application at each step.

The application will also be hosted during demo time, so participants can try out each step on their own device.


A basic knowledge of jQuery, and a very basic knowledge of git if they want to follow along on their own laptops.


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