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Rakesh Pai


Introducing eff.js - an interesting way to write single page applications

Submitted Jul 19, 2011

Insight into a new opinionated client-side framework for single-page apps. Even if people don’t actually use the framework ever, it’ll highlight thoughts and motivations which caused us to discard everything else in the space and create our own.


Building single page apps has always been a pain. eff.js attempts to tackle that problem. It combines learnings from the pitfalls of single-page client-side development, and the knowledge from some months of experience with node.js and express.js. eff.js has already been in use at http://aceseller.com for some time now (which itself is built on a pure-JS stack), and the experience is definitely worth sharing.


Frustration with (a) the complexity of building single-page applications, and (b) inability of major libraries to help along the way.


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