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Shreyas Satish

Shreyas Satish


Cleaner JavaScript with CoffeeScript

Submitted Aug 8, 2011

To introduce CoffeeScript, which is a cleaner way to write JavaScript and to show how CoffeeScript could be a better choice to write JavaScript-heavy applications.


“CoffeeScript is well done and more convenient to use than JavaScript .” - Brendan Eich, inventor of JavaScript.

This talk is going to be as much about JavaScript as much as CoffeeScript because CoffeeScript is really just JavaScript. Its just a nicer way to use JavaScript.

I will be focusing on how

  1. CoffeeScript hides JavaScript’s flaws and focuses on the good parts of JavaScript.

  2. CoffeeScript introduces its own set of features that are derived from common patterns in JavaScript.

  3. CoffeeScript has class and introduces a nicer OOP model to JavaScript.

Even if you don’t plan to use CoffeeScript, you should swing by, since CS attempts to draw a different perspective of JavaScript. A nicer perspective.


An open mind : )

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