IN/Clojure 2020

India's annual Clojure and ClojureScript conference. 14th-15th Feb, 2020. Pune, MH, IN.



Ramsharan Gorur Jayaraman


Lazy Seq's - Why are they so lazy?

Submitted Jan 12, 2020

This talk majorly circles around how Clojure Lazy Sequences and Lisp Cons Cells work. I will also try to explain to the audience on what mistakes I made when I started writing Clojure and how understanding Lisp Cons Cells helped me understand Clojure Lazy Seq’s.


Here is a very brief outline of my presentation:

  • Firstly, I will start of by explaining my failures in understanding bits and pieces of Seq’s. Explain with actual function calls.
  • The second part of the presentation is on how Lisp Cons Cells work. A brief explanation of how it is a list with 2 functions ie car and cdr. There will be a lot of examples on how sublists can be created and how they can be modified.
  • A brief explanation of how Lisp Cons Cells analogues to Clojure Lazy Seq’s.
  • Concluding with a run through of why Clojure Lazy Seq’s are more efficient than normal seq’s. This will be majorly talking about how Lazy Seq’s does all the heavy lifting with functional computation rather than sitting in memory.

You can find a very rough outline of the presentation here

Speaker bio

Ramsharan has built multiple systems across different spectrums like Local Commerce, Content Publishing Space and Health Care. As a tech enthusiast, he is always on the lookout on how tech can solve real world problems. He is a sport lover and a Liverpool FC fanatic. He currently works as the Director Of Engineering at Quintype.



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