Composting Made Easy

Composting Made Easy

Dealing with city waste — Solutions for successful community composting

Urban food waste is a HUUUUGE problem, with cities all across India creating more waste than they can manage. But even as centralised systems for dealing with our waste are failing, there is considerable hope and real impact in decentralised solutions being adopted by housing complexes and individual residences across the country.

Daily Dump is a pioneer and leading innovator in decentralised waste management, and creates solutions which empower individuals, residential communities and offices in dealing with their waste. Their composting solutions (the Kambha, the Aaga etc) have become popular in cities across India and are helping us contribute towards building a cleaner and greener India.

Session #1 on Home Composting 101
Video from Session #1 of this series, on home-scale composting is available at
In this session we looked at the various aspects of decompostion and discussed what goes into your composter, and what stays out. We also went over FAQ’s on composting basics and shared some tips on troubleshooting the composting process.

Session #2 on Community Composting 101
Video from Session #2 of this series, on community composting is available at
In this session we discussed how to help your community take ownership of waste, the challenges of managing your waste — segregation, collection, storage, recycling etc. We also gained a better understanding of the composting process at a larger scale

Date: June 4 (Thursday)
Time 4:20 PM to 6:00 PM
Participation: This event is free to attend. RSVP to participate. Attendees from Anyone Can Grow Series needn’t RSVP again.
Join the meeting on Zoom via this link: [ ]
Alternatively, you can watch via YouTube Live on []. Post questions and comments on the Comments tab

Who should participate: Anyone who is interested in composting their kitchen waste at home or in their apartment complexes.

For assistance with registering for the session, contact +917676332020

About the resource persons:
Poonam Bir Kasturi is trained as an industrial designer and is passionate about using design for changing systems. Her experience with teaching and working in both industrial and craft sectors inform her work at the helm of Daily Dump. She is deeply interested in seeing how design can actually engage with what people call messy problems, larger problems. And she likes to focus on creating easy and engaging solutions for conscious city living; to make people aware of the big picture in fresh and simple ways.

Amarpreet Singh heads Business Strategy and Sales at Daily Dump. He believes passionately in the power of systemic thinking and designing products to change consumer mindsets around sustainability and waste management. Amar is a trained civil engineer and an alumni of the Social Entrepreneurship programme at INSEAD, Singapore. He joined Daily Dump in 2015 and is known as the Aaga Man at Daily Dump.

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Community Composting

Community Composting

Poonam Kasturi, Amarpreet Singh

1 hour 4 June 2020
Urban composting 101

Urban composting 101

Poonam Kasturi

2 hours28 May 2020




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