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Session 5: Harvesting, Succession planting and Growing Fruits in Pots

In the previous session, we discussed how to care for your plants and your kitchen garden, and how you can protect them against pests and disease. The upcoming (last) session of this 5-part series will move on to what we’ve all been waiting for, our first harvest…

During the session we’ll cover the following:
1. When to harvest and how to harvest different types of vegetables
2. Planning your replacement or succession plants
3. How to reset your pots for the next growing season
4. Growing fruits, including fruit trees, in large containers

Date: Thursday, 7 May
Time: 4:20 PM to 6:00 PM
Format: Presentation by resource persons followed by AMA
Participation: This event is free to attend. RSVP to participate. Attendees from previous event needn’t RSVP again.
Join the meeting on Zoom via this link:
Alternatively, you can watch via YouTube Live on Post questions and comments on the YouTube Live chat. Your questions will be shared with Yogita and Karan.

Who should participate: anyone who is interested in growing food at home.

Share your questions after the event by:

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  3. Email if you have questions that you want to ask during the AMA or topics that you want the presenters to address.

For more details, Call or Message Green Essentials on +918087000708.

About the resource persons:
Yogita Mehra started Green Essentials in Goa, out of an interest in the environment, a desire for better food quality and her passion for kitchen gardening. Involved in environmental causes since college, she went on to get her Masters in Environmental Economics from the University of Massachusetts. Yogita was a researcher with The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI).
Karan Manral is co-founder at Green Essentials. He has been involved with kitchen gardening, organic farming and urban tree planting initiatives in Goa. With stints in technology media, communication and marketing, Karan has been trying to make growing food more accessible for folks new to urban farming.

About Green Essentials: Green Essentials, based in Goa, guides people who are looking to improving the quality of their food, by growing it organically at home. Learn more about Green Essentials here:

About our Anyone Can Grow Series: This five-part series covers different aspects of the cycle of growing food at home. The events are experiential, and involve conversations.

— In the Session #1, on 9 April, we discussed the quickest and simplest ways to get started growing home-grown organic vegetables. All you need to kickstart this are a few things you’re likely to find around your kitchen.
Watch the video from the first episode here:

— In Session #2, on 16 April, we discussed how to start up your nurseries with seeds and get your containers ready for growing. This includes selecting appropriate containers for growing; preparing the containers for sowing; making good organic soil; vegetables that can be sown directly; and tips for troubleshooting your seedling nurseries.
Video from the second episode is available here:

— In Session #3, on 23 April, we discussed how to start the process of transplanting your seedlings into growing containers. We spoke about how to plan your kitchen garden, so you grow the right quantities of various vegetables and herbs for your kitchen. This session also includes planting multiple plants in each container and how to grow microgreens in shaded balconies.
Video from the third episode is available here:

— In Session #4, on 30 April, we talked about how to care for your plants and your kitchen garden, and how you can protect them against pests and disease. We also discussed how you can identify problems affecting your plant’s health, and several organic approaches to managing common pests.
Watch the video from the fourth episode here:

Slides and other resources from Sessions #1, #2, #3 and #4 can be accessed here: