GenerativeAI April Meetup

Are you an AI enthusiast, whether beginner or advanced? Get ready for our action-packed April Meetup, designed to be beginner-friendly, while still offering insightful discussions for seasoned experts! We’ve had some fantastic events over the last 3 months, and now it’s time to continue our journey together with an in-person meetup in beautiful Bengaluru.

Here’s what’s in store for you:

🚀 Engaging topics: Discover the power of AI in commercial applications like QA, summarization, code generation, and even cartoons! Explore cutting-edge agentic systems like AutoGPT and multi-agent async systems that are transforming the world of AI.

🔧 Essential tools & concepts: Familiarize yourself with Vector DBs and delve into the world of LLM-distillations such as Vicuna and Alpaca.

🤝 Networking opportunities: This meetup is all about connecting and talking to each other, rather than just listening to talks. Share your experiences, learn from others, and expand your professional network!

🎉 Live demos: Witness the incredible potential of AI with live demos, including a confirmed presentation by Amod Malviya on Quantization – and we’re lining up even more!

What will you miss if you don’t attend? The chance to immerse yourself in the latest AI advancements, gain valuable insights from industry experts, and build meaningful connections with like-minded individuals. Don’t let this opportunity slip away!

Confirmed Demos:

  1. Why it works: Amod Malviya: Quantization and why it works
  2. How it works: Ravi Theja: Evaluation answers in a QA setup with Llama Index -- the Albus Case Study
  3. Social Good: Dev of -- leverages tech to make agricultural advisory content accessible for millions of small-scale farmers across India, Ethiopia, Kenya

Join us for this unmissable event and propel your AI journey to new heights!

Featured submissions

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  • Amod Malviya Speaker

    Video thumbnail

    Introduction to quantization in Deep Neural Networks

    This talk introduces the technique of quantization in Deep Neural Networks, why it is important, and the foundational ideas behind achieving it. All the sources for the concepts in the talk are included in the linked repo. more

    30 Apr 2023

  • ravi theja Speaker

    Video thumbnail

    Evaluation of QA systems built on LlamaIndex

    LlamaIndex is a simple, flexible interface that connects your external data with LLMs (Language Learning Models). This presentation introduces LlamaIndex and discusses the evaluation of QA (Question Answering) systems built on top of it. It also features AlBus, an AI teammate that helps you access information from various tools and enhances your work efficiency. By utilizing LlamaIndex and its ev… more

    30 Apr 2023

  • Dev Aggarwal Speaker

    Video thumbnail

    Overview of Farmer.CHAT

    Overview of Farmer.CHAT - an GPT-powered, multi-lingual WhatsApp bot. Reusable workflow presented by Dev Aggarwal, co-founder Gooey.AI more

    30 Apr 2023

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