Call for round the year submissions for Fragments in 2019

Call for round the year submissions for Fragments in 2019

Submit a proposal at any time in the year on mobile engineering, state of mobile platforms, and building products with mobile. We will find you a suitable opportunity to share your work.

Tejas P. Sakpal


Modular approach to SDK development

Submitted Jan 25, 2019

Haptik’s journey has been ride, in terms of both business as well as it’s mobile technology. Initially Haptik started out with a goal of being a 24x7 Chat-based Personal Assistant to set reminders, book flights, pay your bills and get entertained!

Now we are a B2B company providing services to various enterprises for Customer Service and Feedback, Lead Generation and User Engagement.

In this talk, we’ll learn about how the SDK was built, broken into multiple modules, challenges faced and how were they resolved and key aspects to keep in mind while developing SDK’s.


  • Introduction
  • The idea behind SDK’s
  • A brief on how to build an SDK
  • Problems we tried to resolve with the SDK
  • SDK Size issues
  • Need for dividing the SDK in multiple modules(Similar to Google/Firebase Libraries)
  • Challenges faced while making the multi module SDK
  • Challenges faced while supporting diverse clients and how core software engineering concepts came to rescue.
  • Few tips to consider while making an SDK
  • Questions


Basic knowledge about Android Development and Software Engineering will definitely help.

Speaker bio

A software engineer focused on building Mobile Apps & SDK’s. Currently leading the mobile team at Haptik, where we build the Haptik and Rembo app.
Also I work on the Haptik SDK’s, which power apps like TOI, MyGalaxy by Samsung, ET, FuturePay, Dainik Bhaskar and definitely Haptik App as well as Rembo App. Yeah, I specialize in supporting a lot of user’s and diverse applications(with different technical requirements).



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