Fragments 2019

Fragments 2019

State of mobile engineering, state of platforms, hardware and user research.

Kanav Arora


Solving for multiple events in mobile Applications

Submitted Nov 19, 2018

As mobile applications scale, there are third party assets which might want to track client behaviour. These requirements usually come from product managers/marketeers who are business heavy in their specifications but are implemented by developers who have a technology bias supported by existing engineering stack and infrastructure choices. To bridge this gap is a difficult and complex problem. This talk aims to provide a better design to address it.


- Describe the problem at hand.
- And that will be solving it from a design first approach

Trivial solution
- Take an example app
- Describe the trivial solution in code
- Problems with this approach

Proposed Solution
- Definitions
- Steps to achieving the proposed solution

Pros of the solution & Impact

Implementation Details
- open source implementations

Speaker bio

Kanav Arora is VP of Engineering at UrbanClap. Prior to UrbanClap, Kanav has worked as a Software Developer at Microsoft and Lead iOS Developer at silicon valley mobile gaming company, PocketGems. He was also the CTO of a startup named Stuph in the valley, before moving to India. Kanav holds a BS in Computer Science from UC Berkeley.



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