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Fragments 2019

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Ratul Sarna


MVI architecture on Android without RxJava

Submitted Feb 19, 2019

Unidirectional data flow patterns such as MVI are catching up steam in the Android community as they give provide a cleaner way to develop and debug frontend applications. But working with such a pattern requires a reasonable level of proficiency with reactive streams like RxJava. My talk would help build a similar pattern without using RxJava and instead using only Android Architecture Components like LiveData.


  • Why MVI pattern is beneficial.
  • Briefly, how MVI pattern is usually implemented using RxJava.
  • How RxJava might not always be a good choice for your project.
  • Brief overview of Coroutines
  • Demo
  • Implement MVI architecture step by step using LiveData and coroutines
  • How this pattern allows simpler Unit Tests

Speaker bio

Android Developer at Roadzen Technologies
Over four years of experience with startups and experimenter of Android architectures and scalability.


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