Fragments 2019

Fragments 2019

State of mobile engineering, state of platforms, hardware and user research.

Chetan Sachdeva


Challenges with Flutter and how to combat them

Submitted Mar 3, 2019

There has been a lot of talks around why Flutter is hot, revolutionary and how people can have one code for all their apps, agreed. However, people don’t generally talk about challenges faced when writing a production ready Flutter app. For example, there can be times when you need to understand the alternative platform when writing platform channels. Picking up the right architecture for your app is just as crucial.


5 min - Why Flutter?
5 min - Challenges faced while writing for Flutter.
10 min - Solutions including various recommended architectures.


Some basic knowledge of Flutter and Dart language.

Speaker bio

I’m an Android Developer writing Android apps for 3 years now. I want to make this world a better place by leveraging technology. Previously worked with very talented folks at Fueled, it feels great to be part of the wonderful Android team at Uber. I like learning about different technologies and tinkering with them.




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