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Anup Cowkur


Asphalt - GO-JEK's design language system

Submitted Oct 9, 2018

Design language systems help unify design and maintain consistency across multiple products and become quite useful to teams that have reached a certain scale. This talk is intended for designers and developers who want to learn about what design systems are and the lessons we learnt at GO-JEK while trying to build our own.


  • What is design
  • What is a design system
  • Why we needed a design system for GO-JEK
  • What are Components
  • Component library structure
  • Evangelism and adoption across the org
  • Versioning
  • Processes to handle feature requests and contributions
  • Theming
  • Future plans
  • Questions

Speaker bio

Anup has almost a decade of experience in mobile and UX. He is a Google Developer Expert for Android and is one of the core organizers at Blrdroid (India’s largest Android meetup group). He currently leads the Asphalt team at GO-JEK and has been working on design systems for the past year.


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