Fragments 2019

Fragments 2019

State of mobile engineering, state of platforms, hardware and user research.

Ragunath Jawahar


Adopting web front-end architectures for native mobile apps

Submitted Feb 26, 2019

Key takeaways,
1. Audience will be able to use a framework to evaluate different front-end architectures.
2. Embrace patterns and development techniques from web front-end architectures while building native mobile apps.

Target audience,
Senior developers, team leads and architects.


Let’s face it, the web is a powerhouse of innovation. The pace at which the web is innovating is hard for native mobile app developers to catch up. Its larger developer community is constantly coming up with refreshing ideas and also attaining maturity faster than the native mobile app counterparts. Frameworks and libraries like Redux, React, Cycle.js, Vue.js, etc., have changed the way web apps are built. It’s easier for web developers to build predictable apps using any of the technologies listed above.

The mobile ecosystem has been revolving around “traditional” architectures for quite sometime. Adopting ideas from the web on native apps presents some unique challenges. To begin with, the dynamic nature of JavaScript vs. static languages like Java / Kotlin and Swift used to develop native mobile apps. Expectations and user experience on web vs. mobile. Finally, the asynchronous nature of mobile platforms and their lifecycle itself presents some unique challenges.

This talk will guide and encourage native mobile app developers to adopt ideas from some of the popular front-end frameworks on the web and apply them to native app development.

Speaker bio

Ragunath Jawahar is a consultant working with Uncommon, a prominent design studio that has worked with several unicorn startups in India. He specialises in mobile app architectures, workflow optimization and test-driven development. He has a knack for building awesome teams and believes in “you are only as good as the team you build”. You’ll find him constantly pushing himself to explore new programming paradigms, workflows, tools and techniques. He is allergic to complexity and loves building tools and libraries that make life easier for fellow developers.



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