Fragments 2017

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Gradle Build System


Krunal Kapadiya


Gradle is the base to build the Android application, In this talk, we are discussing how can improve time while building applications, a life cycle of Gradle. Learn about building tasks, and monitoring the time taken by Gradle in a day. Why we upgrade to Gradle 4.0.


  • Write hello world in gradle.
  • How gradle build apk in android studio
  • Life cycle of gradle build
  • Flavors for free and paid applications
  • Configuring proguard
  • Configuring signed apk
  • Automation for version code, version of libraries
  • Managing dependencies in multiple modules of single project
  • Injecting resources using gradle in compile time

Speaker bio

I am Krunal Kapadiya, Google Certified Associate Android developer. Currently, I am working in Multidots as Android developer. I like to build the Android application on different platforms, like to reduce the size and increase app performance. Free time Machine learner.