Fragments 2017

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Getting started with the Andorid Things.

Submitted by Keval Patel (@kevalpatel2106) on Monday, 26 June 2017

Section: Full Talk Technical level: Beginner Status: Awaiting details


In this talk, I will explain how an Android developer can start with the Android Things. I will talk about what it is and how you can build IOT applications with it. I will also explain some electronics components and Raspberry Pi. Lastly, I will show how easy it is to connect with Google’s Firebase infrastructure and use it to communicate with other devices.


  • What is IOT?
  • What is Android Things?
  • Android Things architecture.
  • Introduction to basic Electronics components. (e.g. Resistor, LED)
  • Introduction to Raspberry Pi. The heart of the Android Things project.
  • How to flash Android Things.
  • How to create new android things projects using Android Studio.
  • Accessing GPIOs.
  • What’s diffrent in Android Things application than normal phone application?
  • Connecting it with firebase.

Speaker bio

I am Keval Patel. I am an Android Developer havingmore than 2 years of experiance. I love exploring new things in Android. I also love writing blogs on technology.


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