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Keval Patel


Decrease build time and application size by 60%

Submitted Jun 26, 2017

The purpose of this talk is to help developers to help them to optimize the application. This talk will contain two parts. First part will cover how you can decrease the build time and why you should care about it. In the second part, I will discuss how a developer can decrease apk file size.


  1. Optimize Build time:
  • Introduction to Gradle.
  • Why we need to decrease the build time?.
  • How to Gradle builds the android APKand how to profile your build time.
  • Tips and tricks to decrease the build time.
  1. Optimize application size:
  • Why do we need to decrease application size?
  • What the APK file contains?
  • Introduction to APK analyzer.
  • What is proguard and how it decrease the APK size.
  • Tips & tricks to decrease the APK size.

Speaker bio

I am Keval Patel. I am an Android Developer havingmore than 2 years of experiance. I love exploring new things in Android. I also love writing blogs on technology.



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