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Getting Started with Machine Learning for iOS

Submitted by Adnan A M (@adnan123) on Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Section: Full Talk Technical level: Intermediate


With the introduction of the Core ML module at WWDC 2017, Apple made it easy for iOS developers to integrate AI capabilities into their apps. This talk will discuss about how you can setup Core ML and we will look at a few of the capablities it offers.


  1. What is ML?
  2. Exploring Core ML
  3. Setting up Core ML
  4. Applications & Demo


  1. You are expected to have some idea about the genereal concept of Machine Learning.
  2. You should know Swift as all the code used/demoed will be in Swift.

Speaker bio

Adnan is an experienced mobile developer currently with BookMyShow.He has been a speaker in Droidcon India from the past 2 years & is an active contributor to the mobile ecosystem as a whole. When he isn’t busy coding, he is generally tinkering around learning new technologies. He has an active interest in AI and Machine Learning.




  • Damari Drew (@damaridrew) a month ago

    Machine learning is a really complicated process that is not something everyone can understand complete. If you go to the following link you will be able to understand what ii mean by saying there is something that could have been done to make it more understandable. right now we have to take multiple courses to understand it properly.

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