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Rajesh Sola


Getting started with embedded linux on Qemu

Submitted Feb 23, 2015

  • Getting started with cross building linux kernel with device tree approach for embedded target boards.
  • Become familiar with embedded linux running on Qemu without the need for real hardware initially


This talk aims at getting started with embedded linux using Qemu based emulation with the similar steps used for familar target boards like Beagle Board,Panda Board Beagle Bone etc.
A brief outline under planning for this talk is

  • Cross compiling linux kernel with device tree approach for ARM architecture using versatile express family as reference platform(vexpress-a9 or vexpress-a15)

  • Building u-boot from sources for target architecture

  • Obtaining suitable pre built image of root file system

  • Preparing SD card image with bootloader,kernel image, dtb file and rootfs image

  • Booting the target with sd card(image) contents using Qemu

  • Building and running a simple program under target linux

Additionally planning to cover the following as per the flow and time constraints

  • Writing simple modules for target linux

  • Adding system calls


For the workshop or a post session hands-on

  • Linux distribution with GNU development tools required for kernel building,eg:- gcc,ld,make etc.

  • Qemu 2.0 built from sources is preferrable, or can build after the discussion

  • Suitable Toolchain,rootfs image, sources for kernel,u-boot can be provided at the time of event

Speaker bio

Rajesh is a faculty member of CDAC’s Advanced Computing Training School, Pune in embedded systems domain.He loves teaching and open source.He has expertise and interested in areas like linux system programming,kernel programming, RTOS and working with embedded linux. He is the guest author for EFY Group’s Open Source For You Magazine.He was the speaker for open source events like FOSS.In@Bangalore,GNUnify@Pune,FOSSMeet@NIT,Calicut, OSI Days@Bangalore in the past years. He is keen on FOSS awareness among student community and keep exploring open source solutions,especially open source trends for embedded solutions these days.


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