FOSSMeet 2015

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Rajesh Sola


C/C++ Development -- Engineering vs Reverse Engineering

Submitted Feb 23, 2015

Become familaiar with various development phases of c/c++ program and tools used for analysis and desection of generated files


This talk aims at covering various GNU tools used for developing c/c++ programs as well as analysing built outcome.

  • Going through various phases of a building C program like pre processing,compiling/assembling,linking using various gcc options and other tools

  • Creation of static,dynamic libraries and linking them

  • Using binutils like nm,c++filt,objdump,readelf,ldd,size,strings etc. for the anatomy of generated files


Linux distribution with availability of mentioned tools(gcc,g++,glibc,binutils) for a workshop or post session hands-on

Speaker bio

Rajesh is a faculty member of CDAC’s Advanced Computing Training School, Pune in embedded systems domain.He loves teaching and open source.He has expertise and interested in areas like linux system programming,kernel programming, RTOS and working with embedded linux. He is the guest author for EFY Group’s Open Source For You Magazine.He was the speaker for open source events like FOSS.In@Bangalore,GNUnify@Pune,FOSSMeet@NIT,Calicut, OSI Days@Bangalore in the past years. He is keen on FOSS awareness among student community and keep exploring open source solutions,especially open source trends for embedded solutions these days.


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