The Fifth Elephant winter edition 2019

The Fifth Elephant winter edition 2019

Winter edition of India's most renowned conference on big data and data science

Anusha Venkat


How does alternate data & data insights drive business. New trends in enterprise data services

Submitted Aug 30, 2018

How does alternate data & the insights drive Business for PayPal, JIO , eBay, etc. What are the new trends that provide data insights that drives business towards success. Key performance indicators and the actions surrounding them.


This talk will focus on the role that non-traditional data research, known as alternative data, is beginning to play across various domains. I will address how datasets such as usage traces, website usage, municipality records, social media data and similar information are being utilized to provide 360 degree visibility into customer’s journey – both inside and outside – as well as near real-time intelligence on how their competitors are performing.

The flow of the material.
Alternative data R&D process flow
The methodology used in acquiring alternative data platform
Harnessing insights gleaned from massive data sets are used for better strategic decision-making
Computing infrastructure and the technology stack
Research & analytics providers
Technical solutions to common issues found in alt. data
Best practices
Insight(s) that I will be sharing with the audience.

I am going to walk through a few examples of how noisy, unstructured data become an investable signal using tools such as text mining and deep learning. The aim is to introduce the audience to the process of how enterprises are systematically generating returns by leveraging unique primary (bots/scrapers, channel checks) and third-party datasets (including data brokers) to get 360 visibility into customers journey. This includes sourcing, compliance, scrubbing out PII, alpha generation related to revenue estimates and approaches to balance the secret sauce with product transparency. Finally, I will ponder the future of alternative data in tech and touch on how companies in the data space can best take advantage of this growing trend.

Speaker bio

I am currenttly as senior Technical Product Manager at PayPal. I own PayPal’s tracking platform, crawler and search platform. I have over 8 years of Experience in the FinTech and e-Commerce space.

In my last assignment with JIO, I drove end-to-end strategy ground-up for NFC based payment solutions targeting 400 million mobile subscribers in India where I had the opportunity to work with aadhar team in solutioning UPI payments for feature phones. I also had the opportunity of building an entire big data pipeline that handles all of JIO’s user data to convert it to a real-time response system.

Prior to Jio, I had the opportunity to build consumer facing products at Amazon and eBay as an Engineer/Product Owner and brings in perspectives as an end customer of platform services.

I am passionate about Indian Classical music and have built my own startup, a portal for structured Indian classical music lessons. A part of the startup, a unique pitch detection algorithm and pitch indication meter was sold to a Berlin based music company.


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