The Fifth Elephant winter edition 2019

The Fifth Elephant winter edition 2019

Winter edition of India's most renowned conference on big data and data science

Gunjan Arya


Fantastic audiences, and where to find them

Submitted Aug 16, 2018

Experiences are the only media that matters for marketing today.
And how we’re using data to run point, on every brief.


Mass media (Push Media) is dead.
- There’s enough and more stats to support the decline of TV, press, etc.

Pull media (Search, eg) is only effective as a fulfilment channel.
- Therefore shopping on Amazon / Search on Google / etc. can only help those who already know what they want.
- So even if someone created a Teleportation Device, how would you sell it? It’s impossible to sell to people what they’re not looking for.

The future of discovery (à la window shopping of yester-years) is Experiences.
- Experiences can either be on-line or on-ground.

Using the biggest celebrities as brand ambassadors, is fake — and young people (super jaded against advertising too) see right through it.
- Consumer goods, used share of voice / “media branding” to appeal to target audiences. And only the largest brands could use the most expensive media channels such as TV, despite the clear inefficiencies.

Young people seek authentic, and not paid promotions.
- On-line, in the day and age when people want to be talked with -v- being talked to, influencers are the new billboards.

All advertising is about hacking discovery. OML focusses on -
- trust -v- reach.
- targeting -v- branding.
- intimate -v- broadcasting.
- audience data -v- ad creation.

Speaker bio

Gunjan Arya, is a Managing Partner and a member of the Board at OML, which builds live and content experiences with a community/creator-first approach. Along with being tasked to launch new strategic initiatives at OML, she runs OML’s international branded content division which operates in 20+ countries.
She comes with 20 years of experience across advertising and marketing. She is also the founder of award-winning multi-disciplinary brand consultancy, Design Of Information, who’s work has been recognised by international clients and awards alike, including Cannes Lions, TED Ads Worth Spreading, and World Advertising Research Council. Gunjan has studied Marketing and New Media at Emerson College and Business at Harvard University.


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