The Fifth Elephant winter edition 2019

The Fifth Elephant winter edition 2019

Winter edition of India's most renowned conference on big data and data science

Anubhav Srivastava


AI and the future of video streaming business

Submitted Nov 14, 2018

Description - We are already walking the path where digital video is fast overtaking the conventional televised broadcast content consumption. The next big wave in video streaming is influx of artificial intelligence, be it content creation, content formats, content personalization, video analytics, interactive videos and even business monetization models. This talk will talk about how we’ve started taking baby steps towards that journey at Viacom18 and how we the future evolving in the next decade.
Key Takeaways - 1) What AI techniques are disrupting the video streaming business 2) How the video streaming business models will evolve over the next decade and 3) Why AI is the future of the media industry
Intended Audience - Industry observers, analysts, executives, data scientists


  1. Current AI methods in video streaming - Image and video recognition, AR, VR, recommendations
  2. AI intervention across the video streaming value-chain - Content creation, content delivery, marketing, programmatic ad buying, digital assistants
  3. Evolution of AI driven business models - New products, new features, novel methods of content consumption
  4. Economics of business and how the future business models will look like

Speaker bio

Anubhav manages all product data sciences at Voot, one of India’s largest and Viacom18’s video streaming business, and has been spearheading the movement on how billions of data points collected everyday are collectively rewriting the rulebooks of video streaming business and shaping an AI driven future. Prior to this, Anubhav worked across industries and product functions for over a decade, leveraging the know-how of data driven models and decisioning in solving real-world problems. He holds a bachelors degree in engineering from IIT Kanpur.



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