The Fifth Elephant 2023 Winter

The Fifth Elephant 2023 Winter

On the engineering and business implications of AI & ML



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Santosh GSK

AI Powered Advertising

Submitted Nov 4, 2023

Abstract (Problem)

Scaling digital ads heavily relies on testing new ads. Many brands are unable to scale even though they have budgets due to lack of ads to test. The biggest challenge for any advertiser is to come up with new Ad ideas, design those Ads and track them at a fast pace so that the ad costs can be reduced.

Broad Outline (Solution)

There are several steps an advertiser needs to take to overcome the Ad creation challenge

  1. Generating new ideas - Advertisers need to come up with new ideas ever so often. This creates a roadblock in generating new ads. We use LLMs to generate new ideas for a brand that have a high chance of converting the audience into customers.
  2. Creating Ads - Based on the new ideas - generating high converting copy and creatives is a challenging and time consuming task. We help generate new high converting Ad copy and creatives using a range of AI tools to speed up the process.
  3. Tracking Ads - While we generate new Ads, it is important to track every Ad and measure its performance at a much deeper level so that we can drive actionable insights for our next iteration of Ad Creatives. Our Deep AI Attribution model helps Advertisers with a dashboard on providing deeper insights about their Ad’s performance.
  4. Audience Suggestions - Selecting the right target audience is a crucial part in ensuring the performance of ads. However, most targeting options are hidden behind API calls which makes advertisers unaware of untapped markets. Using the power of LLMs, we provide tailored targeting options based on the offer so that the advertisers find the message to market fit.

Target Audience

Advertisers and Data Scientists who are working in the field of Marketing.



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