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Demystifying Social Network Analysis (SNA): a tutorial


Sandeep Khurana


The session is aimed at demystifying the world of network analytics by sharing motivating examples from some popular research papers. I will also provide brief theoretical basis of network analysis, introduce to network metrics, tools and resources. This tutorial will set the context for my talk which will follow the next day.


The outline of this tutorial is as follows:

  1. Subject introduction and motivation
  2. Key concepts and terminology
  3. Network Measures
  4. Tools, software used
  5. Analytical techniques



Speaker bio

I am a researcher and data scientist. My research interests are healthcare, e-commerce and social media. There are exciting possibilities, interesting insights waiting to be uncovered by network analysis. The talk is wide in its coverage and applications to ensure everyone, from geeks to politicians or doctors or journalists are kept onboard and learn something new as much as add to others.