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Why we went ahead with Apache Pulsar(streaming platform 2.0 ) instead of Apache Kafka

Submitted by Yuvaraj Loganathan (@skyrocknroll) on Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Status: Rejected


In this talk we will be discusing about different ways of asynchronus communications patterns especially queuing and pub/sub streaming platforms. We walk about kafka and it use cases. We will move on to architectural limitations of Kafka and then will discuss more about Apache Pulsar and how it overcomes the limitations of Kafka. Finally we will take you through the bells and whistles of Apache Pulsar and how it solves platform challenges.


  • Queuing & Pub/Sub
  • Pub/Sub Streaming Platforms
  • Apache Kafka and it use cases
  • Apache Kafka and its limitations
  • Introduction to Apache Pulsar
  • Deep dive into Apache Pulsar Architecture
  • How Apache Pulsar overcomes the Apache Kafka limitations
  • How Apache Pulsar can act as Pub/Sub streaming as well as Queuing System.
  • Apache Pulsar Functions


  • Basic understanding of queueing and pub/sub systems.

Speaker bio

Yuvaraj is passionate about building scalable & highly available platforms. Have built 2 products from scatch as founding engineer and one have been acquired. He strongly belives that 90% of the problems can be solved with simple product architectures. Right now he leads Beam platform team @NutanixBeam. Loves golang, distributed systems and avid coder.



  •   Anwesha Sarkar (@anweshaalt) Reviewer 10 months ago

    Thank you for submitting the proposal. Submit your slides and preview video by 20th April (latest) it helps us to close the review process.

  •   Zainab Bawa (@zainabbawa) Reviewer 9 months ago

    Some comments:

    This appears to be a (potential) talk advocating tools. In this case, you have to explain:

    1. What was the problem/context?
    2. Why did you pick this tool? What were the comparison criteria for Kafka and Pulsar, including strengths and limitations, and extending this evaluation to use cases other than yours, if you can.
    3. Show implementation details.
    4. Explain before-after scenario and what changed.
    5. Were there any trade-offs and compromises? If yes, explain details.
    6. How did the team adjust to this change? Are there specific skills required or some kind of legacy infrastructure needed for making this change and adoption?

    We’ll need to see draft slides – by 27 May – which help us understand your thinking to assess the fit of your proposal for The Fifth Elephant. Since this proposal has been submitted a while ago with no further updates, you also have to let us know if your plans have changed and if you want us to move your proposal to future editions of Rootconf and/or The Fifth Elephant.

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