The Fifth Elephant 2015

A conference on data, machine learning, and distributed and parallel computing

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NIMHANS Convention center

The many ways of parallel computing with Julia

Viral B. Shah

18 July 2015

Revolutionizing travel with ML & Analytics – An insight into business optimization using Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics

Raghu Kashyap

17 July 2015

Keynote: "Thinking Machines"

Shailesh Kumar

18 July 2015

Keynote: Future patterns in data processing (sponsored)

Amod Malviya

17 July 2015

Using Modes for Time Series Classification

Rohit Chatterjee

18 July 2015

Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing

Devashish Shankar

18 July 2015

Escher - democratizing beautiful visualizations

Shashi Gowda

18 July 2015

Visualising Multi Dimensional Data

Amit Kapoor

18 July 2015

Recommendation System beyond traditional Collaborative filtering

Gagandeep Juneja

18 July 2015

Building Recommender system

Swaroop Krothapalli

18 July 2015

Building a E-commerce search engine: Challenges, insights and approaches (sponsored)

Vinodh Kumar R

18 July 2015

Hardware Accelerated Big Data Processing

Reetinder Sidhu

18 July 2015

Keeping Moore's law alive: Neuromorphic computing

Anand Chandrasekaran

18 July 2015

Making a contextual recommendation engine using Python and Deep Learning at ParallelDots

Muktabh Mayank

17 July 2015

Two Years Wiser: The Nilenso Experiment

Steven Deobald

18 July 2015

Processing large data with Apache Spark

Venkata Naga Ravi

18 July 2015

Building tiered data stores using Aesop to bridge SQL and NoSQL systems

Regunath Balasubramanian

18 July 2015

Deploying Batch and Streaming Architectures on AWS (sponsored)

Russell Nash

18 July 2015

Call me maybe: Jepsen and flaky networks

Shalin Mangar

18 July 2015

Harnessing the power of the Erlang VM at Housing

Abhijit Pratap Singh

18 July 2015

HawkEye: A Real-Time Anomaly Detection System

Satnam Singh, PhD

17 July 2015

Search at Petabyte scale

Anup Nair

17 July 2015

Instrumenting your kafka & storm pipeline

Bhasker Kode

6 August 2015

Keynote: Data Comes in Shapes

Tim Poston

17 July 2015

Dead Simple Scalability Patterns

Vedang Manerikar

17 July 2015