The Fifth Elephant 2015

A conference on data, machine learning, and distributed and parallel computing

Shashi Gowda


Escher - democratizing beautiful visualizations

Submitted Jun 12, 2015

I aim to introduce the audience to Escher.jl - a new tool for web-based interactive visualizations wholly programmable in a single, data-friendly, fast, lanugage - Julia. Hopefully, the pleasant ergonomics of the library will encourage data scientists to create more explorable, beautiful, and insightful presentations of data, and also create user interfaces without an army of front-end developers.


Escher.jl is a tool that lets you create and deploy web-based user interfaces flush with plots of data, infographics, rich-text, mathematical typesetting, and TeX-style layouts. All of which can update dynamically as the data changes. The user only needs to work with one language - Julia. The overhead of writing HTML, CSS and JavaScript disappears, and the web is accessible to the average data scientist. What’s more, the interfaces made with Escher look great by default.

Speaker bio

I am Shashi, I can be found at and I build user interface tools for the Julia community. Of late, I have been working on Escher, on which my talk is going to be about.



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