The Fifth Elephant 2014

A conference on big data and analytics

madhukara phatak


Machine learning at scale with Spark

Submitted May 31, 2014

Take the audience throught my journey of learning machine learning from scarath using various freely available resources and building applications it on the big data using Apache Spark and MLLib.


With bigdata explosion, machine learning is becoming more and more important in various fields of data analysis.But with lot of mathematical notations and jargons it has become extremely difficult to understand for a beginner.Morever even though you understand the tequniques, you will start wondering how to implement or use it on larger real world data.

In this talk, I will be sharing my and my team’s experience of learning machine learning from scartch and using it on bigdata using Spark and MLLib. All the examples and code for the examples will be avaliable on github.


Passion for machine learning.

Speaker bio

Madhukara phatatak is a Bigdata developer @ ZinniaSystems. He has been actively working in Hadoop,Spark and its ecosystem projects from last 4 years.

He was lead developer of Nectar, a ML library for hadoop.He also contributed to hadoop source code to improve cyclic checks in Jobcontrol api.With raise of apache Spark, he with his team has open sourced courseera machine learning course examples on spark here.

Currently working on machine learning applications for retail domain using Spark and its ecosystem.



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