The Fifth Elephant 2014

A conference on big data and analytics

Mayur Shah


How to Make Big Data Real and Valuable ...

Submitted Mar 27, 2014

The Objective of the session is,

Give the participants a very quick overview of the Data Landscape and Journey from Legacy System/Applications -> Data Integration -> ETL -> Data Warehouse -> Real Time Streaming and how all of this culminates in Big Data Architecture.

In order to make Big Data Real Customers need to understand how and where to weave in Big Data into existing IT systems. This talk will hopefully give that understanding to the participants.


The Power of Big Data can be exponentially multiplied if one can use it to derive value for business at the right moment or as they say “At the Moment of Truth” when it is required the most and has the maximum impact.

Big Data Architecture if weaved in seamlessly with Real Time Data Architecture can have lot of impact to customers. This crisp talk will talk in technical detail about what is real time, how is it different from other in - memory systems and how can one use hybrid architecture or LAMDA principles to mix Real time data with Peristent Data (Warehouse, Legacy system) to derive value of big data architecture.

The Particpants will get a good understanding of how hybrid architecture of (Real time vs. Persisted Data) can be used to solve customer use cases.


Participants need to have high level understanding of ETL, Data Warehouse, Data Integration.

Speaker bio

I have a background of Middlware, Applications, Security and Data (Real Time, Batch, ETL). In the industry since last 17 years. Started as Developer and have played Sales Engineering, Product Management and Technical Evangelist Roles.


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