The Fifth Elephant 2012

Finding the elephant in the data.

Deepinder Dhingra

Real Time Intelligent Systems & Big Data Streams

Submitted Jun 6, 2012

To understand the latest trends in Real time analytics, and the advantages of applied predictive analytics.


Moving to real time, “anticipation denotes intelligence”. There is and will be vast potential for improved performance using applied predictive analytics, real time in many domains. The oncoming onslaught of sensor data, beyond the firewall generated content, all injected into the enterprise. For the advanced analytics and data mining community, what differentiates is the consumption of analytics. Use off the shelf components to stitch a system together, bolt on some machine learning algorithms, and optimize. Join us for a lively discussion of a few applied examples.

Speaker bio

Deepinder Singh Dhingra is the Head of Product & Commercialization at Mu Sigma. In his role, Deepinder is responsible for recommending solutions that can scale and meet customer requirements in real time, with the help of assets that are developed in Mu Sigma.
Deepinder has over twelve years of experience in consulting and sales roles. He has previously worked for various enterprise software firms in the areas of business planning and business intelligence. Prior to Mu Sigma, Deepinder worked for Spotfire where he led Pre-Sales for the Financial Services vertical servicing major investment banks, asset management companies and hedge funds. He has also served as a Senior Consultant at Demantra and i2 Technologies.
Deepinder holds a Masters in Engineering from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and a Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from IIT, Kanpur.

SMS Chauhan graduated from IIT Kanpur and then joined the Innovation and Development team in Mu Sigma, where he has worked for about four years. In the past, SMS has worked in the area of Real Time Analytics. He is currently working on the development of the Mu Sigma Real-time Intelligence Platform(MRIP), a technology solution which enables rapid development of analytics applications.


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