droidconIN 2016

The sixth edition of droidconIN

Shreyansh Pandey


Logging the Right Way

Submitted May 11, 2016

Let’s face it: logging these days has become a mandate for most applications. Without logging, where, what, and how of your application is in the user’s hand. And then there are the bugs. Irreproducible ones, on the top of that. Now, while scary, logging is neccessary for solving the bugs in your application; streamlining the user experience and what not. Sadly, logging solutions are expensive and a pain to set up (sometimes). In this talk, we’ll turn back to our old friend: open source, and we’ll setup an entire log accumulation, management, and analysis solution from ground up. And later, we’ll learn how to hook that up to our shiny, new Android applications.


  • Introduction

    • What is logging?
    • Why it might affect you
    • Wrong ways of doing it
    • Right (but expensive) ways of doing it
  • Taking a look at the logging solutions available

  • Turning to Open Source

    • A quick run down of logging tools available
    • A comparison of different logging stacks
    • Why you might want to set up your own infrastructure
  • Getting Started With the Setup

    • Introduction to MongoDB, Elasticsearch
    • Introduction to Graylog2
    • Setting up MongoDB, Elasticsearch
    • Setting up Graylog2
  • Quick rundown of Graylog

    • Runthrough of the Web Interface
    • Dashboards
    • Management
    • Streams
    • Inputs
  • Analysing Data

  • Defining and Consuming an Input

    • Defining an Input
    • Consuming the Input
  • Introduction to Dashboard

    • Introduction to Parsers
    • Setting up an Input Parser
    • Consuming the Parsers
    • Setting up a Dashboard
  • Streams

    • Introduction to Streams
    • Setting up a stream
    • The what, the why, and the when of streams
    • Consuming a stream
  • Implementing the Logging Framework

    • In a Node.js RESTful API
    • In an Android Application
  • Further Considerations

  • Conclusion

  • QA


All you should have is a laptop, and a free, open mind, ready to tinker around with some cool, new stuff!

Speaker bio

A 17-year old developer, technology enthusiast and DevOps lover. For the past 5 years, I have tinkered around with systems, written backends in languages ranging from PHP to Node. Personally, I love taking up challenges and love teaching as well. DevOps and backend development are two of my most favorite fields, but the problem is the fact these amazing tools and standards have a very steep learning curve and, thus, new comers are often terrified, to say the least; therefore, teaching something as advanced as possible with as little technicality (in language, that is) has been my long time love. Although young, I promise that the talk will be nothing short of crisp; filled with humour and the zeal to learn more.

I have dealt with logging services. And it is a nightmare. From New Relic, to Loggly; what not. After searching, and searching (and coffee), I came to Graylog. It was really simple to use, but really powerful on the top of that. I thought that there is no harm in teaching what I have learnt the hard way.

Currently, I make (and break) things at Gamezop as their Backend and Infrastructure Lead.


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